Beyoncé Did It, Just Like You Knew She Would

A very pregnant Beyoncé performed tonight at the Grammys and continues a streak of visually stunning performances in the Lemonade era.

She was introduced by her mother, Miss Tina, and thankfully the Recording Academy didn’t keep us waiting too long for this glorious performance.


Warsan Shire’s poetry kicked off the medley of “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles” with a series of holograms showing Beyoncé bearing her belly yet again (she’s pregnant, you haters), surrounded by Blue Ivy and Tina Knowles.

She appeared onstage dressed like some sort of sun goddess warrior princess with a throng of handmaidens flanking her. As Julianne pointed out, there seemed to be some references to the 2011 documentary Samsara.

Many wondered how she would handle the performance being as pregnant as she is, and she smartly opted for some of the more, let’s say gentle, cuts from the album.

The album addressed her husband Jay Z’s alleged infidelity and their path towards forgiveness and healing. The performance ended with the declaration:“If we’re gonna heal let it be glorious,” before the camera cut to a beaming Jay Z.


And of course, there was this wizardry:


Long live the King.

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