Which Royal Sibling Will Have a Scene-Stealing Meltdown at Pippa Middleton's Wedding?

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Royal spawn George and Charlotte will be part of their Aunt Pippa’s May 20th nuptials—as a page boy and bridesmaid, respectively. As they are both under the age of four, it seems very likely that one of them will freak out, run wild, or otherwise steal the show with some manner of antics. Which will it be?

A Kensington Palace spokesperson told the Telegraph:

“Miss Pippa Middleton and Mr. James Matthews are pleased to confirm their wedding will take place at St Mark’s Church, Englefield, on the morning of 20th May.

“The service will be attended by close family and friends, including The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. Prince George will be a page boy, and Princess Charlotte will be a bridesmaid.”


They seem like lovely children but let’s be realistic, here; they are still children. Charlotte is the most likely candidate—she’ll have just turned two, and so even making her a flower girl would’ve been an aggressive move. She could burst into tears and run out the door; she could also spot a large floral arrangement and destroy it like she would have liked to tear apart that Canadian balloon arch. But we can’t entirely discount the possibility that George will decide that he’s had about enough of being dressed like Little Lord Fauntleroy and decide to feed his breeches to a passing sheep.

Of course, George could smear the whole church in Cheez Whiz and Charlotte could barf on Pippa’s train and nobody would notice as long as Harry shows up with Meghan Markle on his arm.

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