Princess Charlotte Attacks a Balloon Arch With Joy and Destruction in Her Tiny Royal Heart

“Release, me, woman, I must be free to WREAK MY HAVOC UPON THE WORLD.” Photo via Getty.
“Release, me, woman, I must be free to WREAK MY HAVOC UPON THE WORLD.” Photo via Getty.

On Thursday, your good friends Will, Kate, George, and Charlotte appeared at a party for military families at Victoria’s Government House. This party featured a balloon arch. You’ve never been as excited about anything as Charlotte was about these balloons. Charlotte was ready to fuck these balloons up.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been roaming Canada since Saturday but their wee offspring haven’t appeared in public since their arrival. (Officially, anyway—apparently they went to a petting zoo yesterday.) The Telegraph reports from the scene:

The Duchess of Cambridge watched on proudly as her daughter played with a balloon display, exclaiming “pop” with the encouragement of her father, the Duke.

And the Princess left her parents in giggles after attempting to lift the entire balloon arch before being scooped up safely in the arms of the Duke.

Princess Charlotte is now walking and talking, summoning her father over to play with the balloons with a high-pitched “Dada”.

Maclean’s notes that she was “far more adventurous and outgoing” than her brother. Adventurous, outgoing, and gleefully bent on destruction. Blessedly, there is video.

Look at her going after those balloons. The sheer determination on mayhem!


Then she sat gently on a dog named Moose.


Meanwhile, George found some bubbles.


These children are both so cute it makes me mad. Stop manipulating my emotions with your cuteness!

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