What's Your Funniest, Saddest, and/or Loveliest Dad Memories?

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If you have a father — or father figure! — memory to share, let's get so emotional together.

I'll start. My dad did the best he could with the tools he had. He wasn't raised in a particularly loving, stable, or non-abusive home, and the shit lessons he learned from my grandparents definitely carried forward into my formative years. However, something changed when my dad turned 60 and took up racquetball. Finally having a constructive outlet for his competitiveness, he channeled a lot of his less attractive qualities into the game he learned to love. At home, he chilled out and became kind-of a totally different person. He readily acknowledges this and proudly wears a t-shirt I bought him that says "I'm a much better grandfather than I was a father" — well, it says something like that, but in some "witty" way that t-shirts sold only at novelty stores on beach boardwalks can achieve. Anyway, I guess that's less of a story than it is a Retrospective on Laura's Dad, but it's what I have to share today.

Now, let's rap!

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My dad died when I was 9, so I don't have a TON of memories. But!! Here's my favorite. I was a child of the 90s, so I was very much obsessed with Disney. We saw "The Lion King" 4 times in the theatre. It was a big deal. My dad thought that movie was awesome, and even teared up when Mufasa died.( I remember thinking this was crazy and mentioning it to my mom later, and she told 7yr old me that it was because he missed his dad who died.) Fast fwd to show and tell a few months later. A girl in my class brought her Lion king VHS tape! We all flipped out, and I ran home ASAP, found my mom and told her that we NEEDED to go to Target and I NEEDED that movie. She said to wait until dad got home and maybe we could go. Dad came home from work, I ran up to him and said, "Dad! We need to go to Target! Lion King came out on tape!" He said, "No, we can't go." I was sad and asked why. Thats when he pulled his hands out from behind his back and said, "BECAUSE I ALREADY BOUGHT IT!!!" My sister and I went crazy and it was basically the best day ever. The end. (Also, we still have that tape. I cant seem to get rid of it :) )