What's Up With Scarlett Johansson's Love Life?

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Image via Getty.

It was only a few months ago that Scarlett Johansson was reportedly dating her lawyer, Kevin Yorn, but time is a flat circle or something, and now she seems solidly with Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost. Remember when they made out following her appearance on the show in May? And here I thought that was just a fluke!


According to E!, the two were out together Saturday night at an SNL after party that took place at Tao Uptown in New York City, just weeks after Johansson’s divorce from her husband, Romain Dauriac, was finalized. Sunday would have been their third anniversary, which seems sadder for Dauriac than ScarJo. Her decision to file for divorce apparently came as a surprise to the French journalist, who wrote in a statement at the time that it was unfortunate that she “made our personal differences so public.”

But Johansson and Jost have been spending a lot of time together, kissing in the rain at a Hamptons party over Labor Day weekend and staring into each other’s eyes and generally doing everything people who like one another do.

Earlier this month, Jost attended the Emmy’s without Johansson, but he did tell Entertainment Tonight that she was working, or else she’d be there. “She’s pretty cool…it’s hard to have a lot of complaints, she’s pretty awesome,” he said. Seems like a rather dramatic understatement but I guess it’s probably wise to play it cool when you’re dating one of the most objectively stunning women on Earth.

So what happened to poor Yorn? A source told People in July that they’re “on and off all the time,” and that “it’s been that way since day one.” Also:

“They both understand the realities of the situation,” adds the source. “Their relationship is definitely of the 21st-century kind. It’s good for them and that’s all that matters.”

Johansson has also said before that monogamy is difficult, which seems obvious but isn’t something we hear publicly acknowledged all that often. And maybe Jost shouldn’t get too comfortable: Rumor has it she may be seeing someone in Atlanta. I like where this is going!


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