It's Sunday night—so why not revisit #thedress to cap off the weekend for good measure? (I mean, right?)

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've no doubt entered into at least one heated argument about #thedress. How ugly beautiful it is. Why Photoshop has ruined society for good. Whether or not it's the same dress your second cousin Judy wore to your sister's wedding before she puked and passed out in the bathroom. When people are going to shut the fuck up about #thedress. And so on.

But lifestyle expert Terri Trespicio says that your response to #thedress offers clues to the inner workings of your psyche—and how the response to the whole controversy can give you an idea of whether, say, a romantic prospect is highly insecure, a know-it-all, evasive, or worst of all: boring.


Essentially, this is a litmus test of tolerance and perspective. And I believe you should ask anyone you plan to work with or sleep with what they thought of it. Not so much to determine their eyesight, but to find out how they react when their worldview is challenged or threatened.


In other words: how you reacted to #thedress exploding on social media, etc., is more important than what color you originally thought the dress is/was (white and gold for me, personally). Terri includes a handful of scenarios in her post, as well as a possible explanation for the reaction to each.

Plus, I'm always looking to add another variable to the, "Hmm, should I go home with this person at the end of the night?" equation. Guys who act batshit crazy around blue and black lace dresses = no bueno/no thanks.

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