What the Hell Is This Deleted Devil Wears Prada Scene?

Imagine we lived in an alternate universe in which everything was exactly the same as in this one, except that, The Devil Wears Prada—an arguably perfect film in this universe—contained the above deleted scene. In that universe, the film would have a very different legacy.

Perez Hilton brings us this recently-unearthed deleted scene from the movie, which is a real head-scratcher and also extremely bad. Here we are, at the charity ball where Andy (Anne Hathaway) finally proves her worth to Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep). In it, we see Miranda’s very drunk husband lumber onto the scene for no good reason, being a jerk to Miranda’s boss, a small man in bad glasses. Andy, sensing that her boss needs rescue from this inexplicable scene, swoops in and saves the day, with a question about John Cheever that she simply had to ask right now. Miranda, suddenly grateful (?) and kind (??) to the assistant she has spent the entirety of the film until this point denigrating publicly and privately, mouths a silent, aspirated “Thank yew” at Andy over her husband’s shoulder. As jangly, Lifetime-movie music swells in the background, Andy smiles a secret, private smile and mercifully, the scene ends.

Respectfully, what is this?? The whole thing is giving me the cerulean blues you know what I’m saying? Why are they being nice to each other all of a sudden? Why do the first five seconds of this look like the cover of a novel about a PR executive’s crazy year in the big city come to life? It makes no sense and that’s why it was deleted but still—why does it even exist in the first place?

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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