What the Hell Is Going On With This Beauty Blogger?

There’s a YouTube mystery around beauty blogger Marina Joyce, and even after the police got involved the conspiracy theories keep coming.


It all started with this decidedly bizarre video, in which Joyce is selling some dresses for “dating.” The company, StyleWe, is definitely getting an unexpected PR boost, because the low quality video has been viewed almost 4 million times. In it, Joyce appears to be a bit disconnected from what she’s doing, wandering around, repeating herself, and occasionally seeming to lose visual focus:

Fans are worried that Joyce is on drugs, or experiencing a mental breakdown, many even going to far as to suggest that she is being held hostage. That would explain the clothes, but she also has obligations to sponsored posts. You can view that as kidnapping if you like, but I think she’s probably paid to do it.

Not having been a fan of Joyce, I decided to check out some older videos to see if Joyce was once a grounded, centered and focused teenager. Not really:

But things definitely have taken a weird turn. A series of tweets inviting fans to a meet up Wednesday morning created quite a stir:

Metro.uk reported that some fans actually showed up at Bethnal Green this morning, but she never showed. Vine stars and other minor celebrities tweeted at people to stay away:


Local police finally visited Marina Joyce at her home, and tweeted that she was fine:


But most fans are unwilling to believe it, saying that Marina Joyce is sending everyone secret messages and even screengrabbing what they believe are images of her captors in her videos:


One particular highlight of the video above is that a fan told Marina Joyce to add a cat to her Instagram bio if anything was wrong, and she changed it to a photo of herself wearing cat ears:

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But cats are kind of her thing:


Marina Joyce herself has addressed the controversy, most recently tweeting this, shortly before her Bethnal Green invite:


She also did a live stream addressing the rumors, and fans captured moments throughout in which she seems distressed:


However, it’s probably distressing to be at the center of an Internet conspiracy, whether or not there is an actual conspiracy happening.

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Unrelated: I’m gonna start hiding Ghostface in the background of pics just to troll ToddlerNom years from now.

“Here’s a picture of you playing in the sprinkler when you were little...”

“Who’s that guy behind the bush?! That’s creepy as hell!”

“Wow, I’ve never seen that before... Anyway, here’s a picture of you getting ready for bed...”

“Holy shit! He was behind my bedroom door!”