What Really Happened At The Charm School Reunion

Of all the drunken, cheap-weaved, garish-breasted, skanky behavior among the women in the Charm School cast, Sharon Osbourne is perhaps the most disgusting of the bunch.

What we saw on TV (and in the clip above) is vilified contestant Megan, wasted and wearing a string bikini with heels, saying something about Ozzy Osbourne that gets bleeped out, then Sharon pics up her drink, and dumps it on Megan. Jerry Springer-style quick editing shows security guards rush in and break it up, then the crowd cheers for Sharon, while all the other Charm School contestants rush the stage to gleefully congratulate Sharon.


What really happened is that Megan was indeed trashed, and after Sharon told her she should get spayed, Megan says something to the effect of, "As a celebrity manager, all you've managed to do is watch your husband's brain turn into a vegetable" or maybe she said "mush." But it was something along those lines. She definitely hit a nerve. But instead of a witty comeback, or rising above it, or having Megan thrown off stage, Sharon decided to dump a drink on her, and then repeatedly punched her, refusing to let go of her hair as security tried to pry them apart. (This was all bleeped and edited because of "legal reasons," which we've roughly translated into "Sharon doesn't want to appear to be the asshole that she is.") The irony is that the whole fight started because Sharon was mad that Megan didn't take the "lessons" of the show seriously, and she didn't learn anything about how to behave properly.

It's all a bunch of bullshit, and while I don't think that the VH1 reality universe is a particularly realistic or responsible one, I do think that it's disgusting for an audience to cheer on a grown woman as she wails on a drunken young woman in a bikini, who later was sent to the hospital for her injuries. It's disgusting to continue to pretend that Sharon is supposed to be a role model for these women, and that she's somehow better than they are. It's also disgusting that the other contestants rushed the stage during the fight, as though this was about someone getting their comeuppance, rather than it being about sour grapes because they're all pissed off that Megan got a deal to have a her own show on VH1.

Perhaps Rodeo hit the nail on the head - after she sat down on the couch to discuss her invention of waterproof jeans - when she said, "You know, Megan has never taken her show seriously. And I have. Every show I've ever been on with Rock of Love, I Love Money and Charm School, I take it very seriously."


Blame The Bad Girl

Words do not equal a beatdown. Tracie is right on with this post. When you retaliate against words with violence it is because you are too immature to rise above it and too stupid to say something witty in return. Not only that, but if she really wanted to fight, she could have just challenged Megan straight up, but instead she went for the low blow sneak attack by pretending to need to get a drink.

The real reason Sharon attacked Megan because, eventhough she was wasted and is known for being catty, what Megan said was TRUE. Sharon has not only watched, but actively participated in making money off of Ozzy's drug addled self. Plus, she has had two children in rehab, who developed and had active drug addictions while living under her roof. She is awful and I hope Megan takes her to the cleaners.