What Is This Doll

The visuals for the new Beauty and the Beast live action movie have thus far been nothing short of terrifying. The Emma Watson doll is no exception.


Many buyers have been disappointed by the look of Watson’s posable Belle, which is drawing frequent comparisons to a freckled Justin Bieber:


The issue appears to be an exaggerated hairline and a disturbingly thin neck. A man named Kael Ferron on Flickr did a little photoshop to show how the doll could be improved, if you’re interested in more than jokes about all the horrifying things this action figure resembles aside from Justin Bieber:

According to Cosmopolitan, this doll does not appear to be on the official Disney online store, so this may be a fluke in the world of Disney character knockoffs. Either way, it fits right in with the film’s brand: nothing looks like what you expect and glimpses of the characters leave you feeling vaguely unsettled.

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I would just like to state that at one point in my 20s, I quit my day job to be a dancing spoon in a tour of Beauty & the Beast.

That is all.