Do These Beauty and the Beast Stills Move You or Disturb You?

To follow up the teaser trailer and early images, stills from the upcoming live-action remake of Disney’s classic fairytale Beauty and the Beast were unveiled Wednesday. They include a shot of Beast pretending to read a book.

Entertainment Weekly posted the exclusive stills from the movie, starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as Beast and they’re, well, breathtaking(ly weird). This movie will be possibly bewitching but also very strange. See for yourself below.

TFW Bae is a woke beast.
TFW Bae is a woke beast.

Tea kettle looks sad :(

When both of you are thinking: You look riDICulous.
When both of you are thinking: You look riDICulous.

There’s more at But first, do you even remember the plot of this movie? The Jezebel staff was confounded in our chat room earlier today. Weird story when you think about it:

Emma: What’s the plot of this again. She fucks a dog and a candle and a clock sing at her?

Bobby: This beast imprisons some girl because she’s his last chance to break a spell

Joanna: This is a story of isolation-induced-hysteria

Kelly F: We already had furry Christmas in the form of Zootopia

Gabrielle: Sounds like a fun night

Bobby: It’s about Stockholm Syndrome. But in Provincial France

Ellie: And agoraphobia

Joanna: What happens to a woman when she is kidnapped by a beast

It’s about love.

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I’m sorry but if this movie doesn’t star Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton, then it’s not Beauty & The Beast.