What If Gal Gadot Were the Next Bond?

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With the success of Wonder Woman, both director Patty Jenkins and luminous star Gal Gadot have gotten a lot of questions about what’s next. Well, Wonder Woman 2, of course. But how about making Gal Gadot the next 007?


Earlier this year, Daniel Craig had an obscene amount of money thrown in his face to get him to sign on as James Bond one more time. As charming and hot as Craig is, so is Gadot. As posited many times before, a female Bond would be a refreshing draw to a series of which even the current lead has grown weary. In a profile on Gadot for Rolling Stone, writer Alex Morris doesn’t suggest such a thing explicitly, but describes her subject as having an accent that’s “Bond-worthy.” And “Bond girl” is a part that Gadot actually once auditioned for, albeit reluctantly:

...A casting director asked her to audition to be a Bond girl. “I told my agent, ‘What are you talking about? I’m in school. I’m not an actress. I’m not gonna go.’ And he was like, ‘Just show respect and go.’ “

Gadot didn’t book the part, but the audition eventually led to her role in The Fast and the Furious. Not only has Gadot proven she can kick ass on screen, this is literally the perfect anecdote for a new Bond presser. She auditioned to be a Bond girl, but she was in fact a double-agent. The story writes itself! If any big execs would like to cut me a check for that idea, it’s for sale.

Wonder Woman will likely be changing the media landscape in a number of ways, ushering in more and more films led by women. Jenkins told Rolling Stone that though she knew having a superhero film with a woman at the helm would be important, she was still overwhelmed by Wonder Woman’s power:

“Even at some early test screenings, women were coming to me afterward and saying, ‘I feel like you made a movie for me!’ “ says Jenkins. “But it wasn’t until the second week that the movement started, people going multiple times and taking girlfriends and grandmothers, and pictures sent to me from 90-year-old women who were wheeled in. All of that was absolutely stunning to see.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jenkins hopes this wave of power extends beyond her and Gadot’s ability to book more work:

“I hope the success of the film will lead to change and lead to other people getting opportunities,” Jenkins on Wednesday told reporters during a conference call ahead of the film’s home entertainment release. “I hope women become a diverse, easy hire for all sorts of jobs in the future.”


Though if Hollywood is only interested in booking Gadot, book her as Bond. We need to see more women getting laid, blowing shit up, and kicking evil dudes in the face.

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Cherith Cutestory

I’m sorry, Ms. Godot, no disrespect intended but if they go with a woman Bond it has to be Natalie Dormer.

She’s actually British. She’s charasmatic af. She has the gravitas to play the more dangerous side. She’d look great in a tux.

Her grandma was the only Bond girl who was made a Bond wife for christsakes!

Plus Gal Godot has an action franchise. Let’s spread it around.