What Happens to Disney Princesses After Happily Ever After?

A singing sensation who goes by the name Paint sings about the realities of life for Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, and Pocahontas — and it isn't pretty. Belle's verses are classic — PETA would totally be after her creepy animal loving ass. But the charges laid on me! about beastiality! could get me thrown in a cell!


Kat Callahan

I quibble about Belle's lines. Prince Adam was no longer a beast after they lived happily ever after. THAT SAID, I think the fact that the medieval townspeople would want to destroy anything having to do with witchcraft, wizardry, or sorcery means that I am surprised they didn't just burn down the castle and kill both Belle and Adam (and all of the servants).

People who can turn into animate objects, must be Satan.