We've Got A New Jezebel, And Her Name Is Jessica

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We like to put shit on the pretty bitches of America — those women also known as Jessicas — but that didn't stop us from hiring one of them. Please welcome Jessica Grose, our new associate editor. Jessica comes to us via Radar (they steal one of ours, we steal one of theirs - it's only fair) and has written and reported for, among other publications, the New York Times, Salon, the Village Voice, Spin and the now-defunct Cocktail. (R.I.P lady lushes!) Her areas of interest include but are not limited to: Books, music, movies, and va-jay-jays, making her a perfect fit for the ever-expanding vagina dialogue that is Jezebel. Give her a big hello, and then commence with the hazing.


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Given that you love the photo-diagnoses at Jezebel, I feel compelled to say that it looks from that photo like your new associate editor grinds her teeth in her sleep (you can see from the tongue). She should get herself to a dentist and sort it out, as it's not good for your teeth!