About That 'Other' Women's Magazine Massacre Yesterday

Amidst the hubbub over the sorta-surprise shuttering of Jane Magazine, another group of hard-working, celebrity-and-relationship minded magazine editors are being overlooked: Those at Cocktail, the German-owned Bauer Publications weekly ladymag set to launch later this year and unceremoniously killed off yesterday just a few hours after the news about Jane hit. (Full disclosure: This writer was approached for a position at Cocktail way back when. Like, before it was named 'Cocktail'). A few minutes ago, we spoke to two of them, one who had been at the magazine for just a week (the other "lasted" only a day). And what did they tell us? In true publishing-company fashion editorial staffers didn't know a damn thing until the bitter end.


Says the former source: "I learned more from Jossip this morning than they told us. What happened was Maria [Lissandrello, the editor-in-chief, who is said to be going back to First For Women] just gathered us around in a pretty informal way and said, there's no way to sugarcoat this, it's over. Everybody was just shell-shocked. Four people started yesterday. One was fresh out of college so this was sort of an introduction to the magazine world. Hi - you're fired! There was clearly some miscommunication there." Clearly! But how could a company be hiring people away from other, regular (read: stable!) jobs just to show them the door and leave them unemployed? Apparently, it was easy! "For them to allow the editorial side to be staffing up was shitty," the source continued. "That's the part that makes me angry: The fact that I had a job that supported me that I left for this that I can't get back because they already hired the person I recommended to replace me." Ugh. We called our other source, the young woman who'd worked a full 6 hours yesterday (her first, remember!) before being shown the door. Not surprisingly, she wasn't in the mood to talk much. (Uh, what a difference a week makes?). "I'm just like, I can't even think about it right now," she said. "I have to find another job."

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