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Well, Meghan McCain Could Be Joining The View

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Some fun and interesting movement in the world of morning television shows: Meghan McCain might be joining as host of The View.


Deadline reports that McCain, who announced last week that she was leaving Fox News Channel, is “in talks” to join The View. As a self-described Republican “who is liberal on social issues,” McCain would ostensibly be replacing their token conservative Jedediah Bila, who announced that she was leaving the show during its live broadcast Monday.

About a minute and a half into this long farewell bit, I realized that I don’t recognize a single person on what used to be my favorite morning show, aside from Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg. I’m probably the only person in America right now who misses Lisa Ling, but I’m sure Lisa Ling does not miss The View.


Anyway, perhaps Meghan McCain will inject some much-needed youth and vitality into a show that should’ve gone off the air quietly like four years ago. Or maybe she won’t.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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She has made some intelligent/insightful statements, and some tone-deaf/unintelligent statements. She will fit in just fine.