Well, Megan Likes Her Harper's Bazaar Cover!

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A lot of people online didn’t seem to like Megan Thee Stallion’s new Harper’s Bazaar cover, unveiled on Friday. Per the Los Angeles Times, many fans from Twitter to Instagram felt that the March issue shoot, photographed by Collier Schorr, failed to capture the Houston rapper’s dynamism, leaving thisyoung vibrant woman” looking “boring, bland, and messy.”


Well, joke’s on them because Megan apparently worked super closely with Schorr on how her cover shoot came out in the end. As the photographer wrote on Instagram yesterday, “[I had] a most remarkable experience making pictures with Megan Thee Stallion, who discussed each picture and edited afterwards with me... In charge of her self. Total collaboration, as it should be, to make together new images of her at this moment in her life.”

This hands-on role in the image selection and editing process reflects what New Yorker writer and academic Lauren Michele Jackson wrote about Meg in the cover’s accompanying profile: “Megan takes control of her image... Her control has been hard-won. She may not always get to decide what narratives follow her image, but the Megan we see is the Megan she wants to be.”

Click here to read the full story and also check out the shoot for yourself, which features Megan styled in Chanel, Prada, Saint Laurent, and Alaïa. A-what-a? Clueless reference! Good morning, everyone. Let’s do this (read blogs).

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