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Wednesday Night Social: It's Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown!

Just imagine: by this time tomorrow you’ll either be stuffing your face with delicious turkey or (like me) a delivery pizza with at least three toppings on it. Either way, you’ll probably be too tired to watch the Charlie Brown thanksgiving special, so why not take a few minutes to enjoy it now and then spend the evening discussing everything that’s right/wrong with the world in the comments below.


Have a happy Thanksgiving. If you have some time to spend with us tomorrow, please know that Ye Olde Jezebelle will be up and running! Come through.

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The Noble Renard

I’ve been assigned the dessert role and I’m baking two desserts, both gluten-free for a family member who does that:……

Hopefully they turn out great! Jezzies, what are your desserts going to look like?