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We Simply Must Know Whether or Not Jennifer Garner Is Dating Her Accountant

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There is one question everyone on the planet is asking everyone else on the planet in a deafening back and forth this morning: is the estranged wife of Ben Affleck and known umbrage-taker Jennifer Garner dating her accountant? Gossip Cop wants to know, The Hollywood Gossip wants to know, Inquisitr wants to know, and whatever this is wants to know!

But what is a question without an answer? What is a rich person without an accountant? What is a Jennifer without a Ben? Let’s visit the rumor obliterators over at Gossip Cop to find out.

There is nothing going on between Garner and the man Star can’t even identify by name. Gossip Cop has exclusively learned that the guy in question is actually the husband of Garner’s longtime manager. What’s more is that he isn’t even the star’s accountant.

Basically, Star took a photo of Garner, ignored the fact that the aforementioned “friend” with her was her manager, and tried to make it look like she was dating someone who is very much married. And that means the Affleck quotes are either made up or from a very misinformed “pal.” In any case, the tabloid couldn’t be more wrong here.


So Jen is not dating her accountant, and the man everyone thought was her “accountant” isn’t even an accountant. But you know who is an accountant? Ben Affleck, in an upcoming movie called The Accountant.

[Gossip Cop]

A friend of Kris Humphries’s, the basketball player you might remember as Kim Kardashian’s second husband (to whom she was happily married for 72 days), spoke to Justin Bieber’s least favorite website, Hollywood Life, about how Humphries felt after seeing super sexy photos of Kim in this month’s issue of GQ.

Here’s what the friend said Kris Humphries said, in full:

“Damn. Just damn. Kris is kicking himself because Kim is sexy as f**k in her GQ cover and pictures. To him, she’s stacked taller and looks more scrumptious than IHOP’s double blueberry pancakes. He’s loving everything about Kim’s spread. Looking at those pics is making him day dream about being with her again. And even though he and Kim aren’t on the best of terms. He’s still admiring her body – just from a distance.”


That’s how some people talk!




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