We know Justin Bieber has been getting in touch with his sensitive side lately. That mood has apparently shifted him towards getting very razzed about one of the most ridiculous gossip websites out there, Bonnie Fuller’s Hollywood Life; Bieber suggested to his followers on Instagram early Wednesday morning that they “spam and petition to shut this garbage website down” because of its “untruthful and hurtful” comments.

Bieber didn’t specify what exactly got him so worked up, but it seems likely that he’s upset about a few articles they published about his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez and his alleged new girlfriend Nicola Peltz. The website ran a handful of pieces about the love triangle yesterday, several of which have mysteriously disappeared. The ones that remain are:

And the ones that are gone:

Bieber has long been a topic of fascination for Hollywood Life, which likes to tag him in posts about Selena Gomez that he doesn’t even have anything to do with. Smart.


How Bieber expects a “petition” to get Hollywood Life to shut down to actually work is unclear, but his fans are obviously rallying behind him.


Gossip Cop is also very happy about this development, which means I’m very happy. Hollywood Life has not yet commented.