We’re Taking a Break From Our Piers Morgan Ban for This Video of His Heroic Co-Anchor


Whenever possible, we attempt to ignore the existence of Piers Morgan. We are temporarily suspending that rule of thumb in order to draw attention to the superhuman fortitude and trying-not-to-scream facial expressions of his Good Morning Britain co-anchor, Susanna Reid.

Currently making the rounds is a clip of Piers blathering on about how he can’t stand people talking politics on Facebook and he’s had to unfriend family. At which point Reid chimes in, heartily agreeing that sometimes she just wishes some blowhard would please shut the hell up. Note his face.

Let’s check in on her Twitter.

This is not the first time that Reid has given Piers what for. They are clearly a deliberate vinegar-and-baking-soda ratings pairing. But her distaste seems so much realer than mere playing to the camera.

Here she is yelling at him when he interrupted her during a discussion of the Brexit.

Speaking of the Brexit, he once left to go hang out in the green room with Joan Collins after a heated dispute over the Daily Mail’s “Legs It” cover which resulted in Reid going on a tear. Via the Express:

She was heard hitting out at Piers: “It is utter nonsense to say male politicians are objectified all the time.”
But, Piers did not take it lying down as she said: “What about the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, who every time he appears in public, women who’ve been leading the charge of outrage over this start, drooling like little puppy dogs about this handsome, devastatingly good-looking guy who they all want to romp with?”
Susanna hit back: “One exception to the rule. Unfortunately, women are constantly judged on their appearance and I think the women – and the men – who objected to the way that was portrayed were frustrated that at a moment of political crisis and opportunity, when the UK is negotiating the future of Scotland and the two most powerful politicians in that conversation are then judged and put up against each other in a competition over whose legs are better, trivialises the whole argument.

Here they are arguing in front of a Christmas tree.

Here is what it looked like when she was forced to sit next to Piers Morgan as he announced that Donald Trump had won the presidency.


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