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We Now Know What the Blessed Saint West Looks Like (Spoiler: He's Cute)

Illustration for article titled We Now Know What the Blessed Saint West Looks Like (Spoiler: Hes Cute)

The day after the finale of this season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired, Kim Kardashian has shared the first photo of her second child, the blessed Saint West, with the world.


Kim and her husband Kanye West have gone to great lengths to shield Saint’s baby face from the world, covering him with blankets during the brief outings he’s made in his few months on earth. But on her monetized app today, Kim posted one photo of Saint, clad all in white, writing, “Today is my dad’s birthday. I know there’s nothing more in the world he would have wanted than to meet his grandchildren. So I wanted to share this pic of Saint with you all.”

Thankfully, it looks like TMZ’s prediction of Saint’s facial fate will be a little off.


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Image via Kim Kardashian West.

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