We Bet These Celebs' Texts Are More Interesting Than Kanye's

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock—and god do I envy that privilege if so—you might be aware that Kanye West, musician and President Trump fan, has been tweeting. A lot. He’s been tweeting a lot, okay?


After a tweet spiral of sorts that began last week, in which he praised conservative Candice Owens and lovingly tweeted about his signed MAGA hat, friends began to reach out to West over text message to try to reason with him. People like John Legend, Tracey Mills, and most recently Charlamagne tha God (who rightfully told West to fact-check things before he tweets them because his platform is too big) have started to text him, to laugh about the Trump outrage or urge him to reconsider the direction in which his political beliefs are headed.

We know about all of these texts because West has been tweeting the screenshots. And frankly, I’m tired of it! There are so many more text exchanges between celebs I know we’d all much rather read! The Jezebel staff has compiled a list of the texts we WISH we could see screenshots of instead of anything related to Kanye.

  • Justin Theroux’s, so we can know what he likes and where to locate him
  • Taylor Swift’s, to find out once and for all who she voted for
  • BFFs Sarah Paulson and Amanda Peet, because they’re just cute together, okay?
  • Country King Mason Ramsey’s texts
  • Tomi Lasagna’s texts or whatever her real name is
  • Cher’s texts
  • Lorde and Jack Antonoff’s texts ;)
  • The group chat between Rihanna, Melissa Forde, and Jenn Rosales
  • Lindsay Lohan’s, but specifically circa 2007
  • Beyoncé’s, because do you think she texts or does one of her assistants do it?
  • Blue Ivy’s texts to Beyoncé because you KNOW she has a smartphone
  • Leonardo DiCaprio (probably a lot of very bad sexting to 22-year-old models)
  • The texts between the nuns currently fighting Katy Perry, about Katy Perry
  • Sasha or Malia’s because we want to see who they shade and how much they shit-talk
  • Lil Tay because she def texts
  • Barbara Corcoran’s texts
  • Cardi B’s texts to anyone, frankly
  • Brad Pitt’s texts post-divorce and pre-that Esquire article
  • You know what, why not Ben Affleck’s texts as well, because they’re probably similar with a hint of sad divorced dad
  • And last but not least Huma Abedin’s texts, thank you very much

If you are any of these people, please leak. I beg you, give us more texts to read, anything but Kanye’s.

Hazel Cills is the Pop Culture Reporter at Jezebel. Her writing has been published by outlets including The Los Angeles Times, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, The New York Times Magazine, ELLE, and more.


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Imma gonna go off on a tangent, and register my delight that the FBI has SIXTEEN ENTIRE PHONES’ WORTH of Michael Cohen’s texts.