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Watch Young Donald Trump Eat Pizza And Joke About Divorce

Illustration for article titled Watch Young Donald Trump Eat Pizza And Joke About Divorce

In 1995, presidential candidate and human equivalent of cargo pants that zip away into shorts Donald Trump appeared in a sexy advertisement for the sexiest food there is: Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza.


In the ad, Trump and ex-wife Ivana get dressed for some Fancy Event for The Rich and share a breathy exchange that would usually be associated with a sex affair. In this case, it’s about splitting a pizza.

At the end, Trump reminds us all that he has money and is single when he places his man hand on Ivana’s arm and says: “Actually, you’re only entitled to half [of the pizza but also of his money, get it, he’s rich!].”


As part of their 1991 divorce settlement, Ivana received an estimated $25 million and was forbidden from discussing their marriage without Trump’s permission.

As a journalist, it is my job to report any information about our presidential candidates that could influence their abilities to be good governors. Now you have one more piece of information. You can thank me with any Best Buy gift card exceeding $15.

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