Watch This Woman Eat 12 Pounds of Pudding in Three Minutes

Competitive eater Molly Schuyler broke the Guinness World Record for most pudding eaten in under three minutes by consuming 12 pounds of pudding, more than ten pounds than the former record holder. 12 pounds in three minutes! I can't even eat two slices of pizza in that time!


The entire event was caught on camera at Dish Nation and Schuyler's technique is impressive (even if it makes you never want to eat pudding again). She throws spoonful after spoonful of the stuff into her mouth seemingly without tasting or swallowing the pudding (and reminding me of a former boss who once gave me an hour long lesson on how to drink a two-liter of diet coke in one go; it's all in the way you position the bottle on your shoulder) and doesn't stop except to burp loudly ("the air has to go somewhere" a host chimes in) and to collect her prize, which is a less-than-impressive certificate. Get her a golden bowl of pudding, Guinness! It's the least you could do for someone who will never eat it again!

At least give her $240 for her trouble!

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How fast could she get down $240 worth of puddin'?