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Watch This Smug-As-Hell Cat Completely Ruin Its Owner's Hot Yoga Video

An important fact about cats: They don’t give a shit about you or your life and they couldn’t care less if you’re making a hot yoga video for your subscribers. If they want to wander into the frame and chill the fuck out halfway through your impressive yoga moves, they’re going to do it...and there’s nothing you can do to stop them. Skip to :24.


I can’t even do a handstand on a wall, so I can’t imagine the woman in this video, who looks like she’s attempting to inspire the general public into doing some of her very difficult moves was very impressed by her cat’s antics. She knows it’s not an accident that the cat completely blocked her, the cat knows it’s not an accident, and you and I know that this cat is deliberately trying to ruin things. But isn’t that what cats are for? Uproxx points out that cats aren’t good for much, but if you need an animal to aggressively not give a shit about your hopes and dreams, they’re the perfect companion.

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Oh god I miss my cat so much. He was such an asshole.

I haven’t stepped on a still-warm hairball in 6 months, and I miss his little surprises now. I’m not afraid to step on my floor in the dark anymore. Where’s the suspense in that?

Sadly, I’m not joking.