Watch This News Reporter Be Hilariously Terrified by Giant Death Bee

BREAKING NEWS: Giant bees are real and they are taking over. They're coming for you, your loved ones and your pets. And they're especially coming after weather reporter Jennifer Ketchmark. In fact, they're terrorizing her live on air.


I may have oversold that lede just a little. Technically, giant bees are real, but only if you magnify them about 500 times on camera. The bee in the above video — which has been netting Ketchmark compliments of "hey, nice bee video!" — was probably buzzing around looking for a flower to fuck when it landed on a camera. And to be fair, the bee probably was just as scared as Ketchmark, except it kept its fear to a dull buzz. Ketchmark? Not so much. She practically fled off-camera while immediately recognizing that she would end up on a blooper real somewhere.

In an informal poll of my friends, three people (out of three people) said that they would have probably done the same thing. One of them even admitted to screaming loudly when they were surprised by a grasshopper in their own home. So there's really nothing to be embarrassed of! Just enjoy your fifteen minutes and the amazing bump to your Q score! (And remain ever vigilant, Jennifer Ketchmark. The bees are onto you!)

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Oh, honey, you'll bee okay.