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Watch This Guy Eat 100 Peeps in Only Two Minutes

The best part about holidays (besides that some of them come with presents and some of them come with your parents going on a cruise and leaving you alone) is that there's often some kind of food challenge that goes along with the festivities. On Independence day people force hundreds of hot dogs down their throats and on Easter some people celebrate by gorging themselves on 100 peeps in under two minutes.


What makes the peeps harder than hot dogs, and this is only my uneducated opinion, is that peeps are a) so sugary that they make your throat burn with every swallow, and b) they are so soft and pliable that it's often difficult to bite into them but swallowing them whole is likely to block your throat (and who wants to explain that to the paramedics?). Also: How many of these equal a sugar coma?

Watch this guy slaughter peep after peep as he fights for glory. You may never want to eat chemically sweetened marshmallow fowl again.

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I can't believe that video didn't end with a fountain of rainbow barf.