On last night's episode of Bravo's Newlyweds: The First Year, we got to watch engaged couple Jeff and Blair experience Whitney Houston's death together. Or more precisely, we got to watch their dramatic retelling of how they learned about her death the night before via text message when Blair screamed and Jeff thought something happened to one of their family members. Tragedy has never been more entertaining.

Blair was affected by Houston's passing because he was such a big fan, and found himself getting emotional while listening to her music the next day. Jeff thought he overreacted and snapped at him to stop being such a "drama queen."

Blair properly responded with, "I did not overreact. It's Whitney Houston!"

I was squarely on Blair's side with this and found his general demeanor in the aftermath of her death appropriate and relatable. I couldn't help but wonder if at least part of Jeff's annoyance with the whole situation didn't have something to do with how he was closeted until he was 35, and thus maybe has some residual shame issues with what he perceives to be stereotypical, over-the-top gay behavior.

Or maybe Blair was just being super annoying. That's entirely possible.

Still, this is exactly the kind of stupid bullshit arguments that couple get in during the tension-filled, stressed-out weeks leading up to their wedding. So if anything, their bickering is stereotypical of people who are about to get married.