Watch This Asshole Bunny Literally Steal Crackers From a Helpless Baby

How many times must the world be reminded that rabbits are not adorable fluffbots from planet AWWW but arbiters of pure evil, sent here from hell to bring pain and suffering upon the good and wicked indiscriminately? Perhaps this video of a monster bunny taking food from the mouth of a baby will finally make you understand.

Do you see that baby’s shocked expression? Clearly it was not expecting that its food — something that babies need approximately 24/7 — would be taken by the rabbit it had probably once seen as a friend. But know this, tiny baby: Rabbits are friends to no one! Rabbits vote Tea Party! Rabbits do not vaccinate and they don’t care what you think about it!


I’d say more, but my own bunny is growing restless in her play pen and getting ready to call for more human flesh to be proffered for her consumption. (I bought her blueberry chew stix, but she hates those.)

Enjoy the video!

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