Here's Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams acting the crap out of their GoT auditions. Get it, ladies.

This is awesome, but it's always a little weird when you see actors who are normally heavily costumed in street clothes โ€” it's like they're people. Weird! Also, they both look so young, which is unsurprising because the auditions probably took place in late 2010/early 2011, but still. (And yes, I know the video was uploaded last year โ€” but even if you've already seen it, another viewing can only make you a better, more interesting person. And if you're still mad, here's Jon Snow with some wolflings. )

I've watched this video several times โ€” these young women are crazy talented. Favorite lines: "You caaaaant look for rubies!" and "He sleeps in the meat wagon!"

Is it Sunday yet??

[via Daily Dot]