At one point, TLC made it seem as if America had seen the last of the Duggar clan. Hahaha.


Jill and Jessa: Counting On, once a three-part special, now a full-blown series, is back with the first major look into the eldest Duggars’ lives. When we meet them again, Jill, husband Derick, and 11-month-old Israel Dillard are continuing their missionary work in an unspecified country in “Central America,” while Jessa and Ben Seewald are learning to be parents to the inconceivably named baby Spurgeon. [Apparently he’s named after a 19th century Baptist preacher named Charles Spurgeon. I’m screaming. Why didn’t they name him Charles?]

Highlights include watching Ben lay down a track with Christian rapper Flame, seeing Jessa and Ben’s little home in Central America, and seeing all the sisters worry about Jessa and Ben’s safety in Central America.


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