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Watch the Cast of The Good Place Learn About the Surprise Ending of The Good Place Season 1

Illustration for article titled Watch the Cast of iThe Good Place /iLearn About the Surprise Ending of iThe Good Place /iSeason 1

If you have not watched the first season of The Good Place, I wouldn’t recommend watching this video. If you have, please, join me.



Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, here’s a very cute and fun video of the cast of The Good Place listening to show creator Michael Schur reveal the huge twist at the end of the first season of the show—a twist that only Ted Danson and Kristen Bell, the stars of the show, knew about.

Bell shot this footage and sent it to EW, saying “I wanted to see everyone’s unique ability to digest this betrayal.”

It’s a big twist! A huge twist! A twist that caused me to react in a similar fashion when I found out! The video cuts out just before Schur starts to explain what happens in the beginning of the second season, which airs tonight at 10 pm on NBC, after the quiet horror that is America’s Got Talent.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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I am so excited for this to be back. That first season was utterly fantastic.