Watch Sarah Palin Play the Flute for Vladimir Putin

Sarah Palin tried to prove she is not made entirely of cold, frozen elk jerky by appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in a pretty freaking funny sketch about Vladimir Putin.

Full confession—when I heard he was doing this sketch I thought "oh cool, Tina Fey is pulling out her Palin impersonation again." But nope! It's the real Palin, acting out a sketch where he calls her to discuss how she mindbogglingly predicted (sort of) the current situation with Russia and the Ukraine. It's a cute sketch because as we all know, Palin can see Russia from her house and Fallon loves doing his terrible fake Russian accent.


Got to give it up to Palin for the flute gag, too. It seems Alaska's Mama Grizzly doesn't hate the evil left-wing media as much when she's out plugging her new show. It starts tonight.

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I'm sorry, no. Palin doing this just shows she is perfectly willing to sell her old self down the proverbial river for whatever buck she is trying to turn with her new self. I don't care if it's cute. She is a 'political' media opportunist who represents the worst of what the political and media landscape have to offer. That she would mock herself on 'liberal' media to flog her wares shows to me less self-reflective humour and more a complete lack of any integrity or commitment to anything but money. Just one more step, like all these sell-out monkeys, in trying to make people forget who they are.

She is, and remains, the very epitome of a sell-out, and a dangerous one, at that.