Sarah Palin's New Show Promises Us Man Caves, Freedom and Dirty People

Sarah Palin wants America to get "red, wild and blue," in the latest commercial for her new Sportsman Channel show, Amazing America

Palin (who is dressed like she just competed in the Iditarod despite the fact that she's probably sitting in a television studio in Burbank) tells America this show is going to highlight a freedom we get to experience here. That freedom includes being able to build gaudy man caves filled with the heads of dead things, shoot cross bows like we're training for the goddamn Hunger Games, be trampled by rampaging bulls and be dirty. Thank you, founding fathers. In case you're wondering, yes, this show takes its cue directly from the Constitution, which says this country was created to protect the freedoms of "trail blazers who aren't afraid to back down."

Amen, bald eagle, Ronald Reagan, stuffed crust Pizza Hut pizza BLUE JEANS! Yeah!

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Thanks, Sarah. You know what wasn't free? When you kept the lights on in the governor's mansion all winter after an avalanche took out the hydroelectric power and rates skyrocketed up to 5 times of what they were in previous years. Yet, it was still Christmas lights at the mansion even though you were rarely there. You know what also wasn't free? The per diem you charged the tax payer when you were staying at your house in wasilla or the travel you charged us when you, Todd, and the kids went back and forth between Wasilla and Juneau. Or when you took Bristol to that leadership conference in NYC and stayed at a $700/night hotel.

This woman is a fraud and it angers me (obviously) that she is still living off her 15 minutes. She can fuck off and die for all I care.