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Rihanna and George Clooney stopped by The Ellen Show and played a delightful and slightly scandalous game of Never Have I Ever. Things didn’t get as juicy as one might hope because, after all, it is daytime television and Ellen, but the video is highly entertaining nonetheless.


In a sleek bob that is really working for me, Rihanna admitted that yes, she’s seen a rapper naked before, (because, duh) while George claimed that he’s never sent a nude selfie.


Perhaps the funniest and most self-aware moment came when Ellen asked if any of them had ever hooked up with someone over the age of fifty and was met with a resounding no from all players, including herself.

George Clooney is as charming as ever and Rihanna remains the hero that she is with multiple jokes about “spanking the cat.” Enjoy.

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Rihanna looks amazing as always and I love the bob. But her legs are reminding me of this: