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Watch People Sob Along to Movie Trailers

Here, watch some people (fake) crying along to movie trailers. It's not the BEST EVER, but there's some good bits; a favorite being about the "nice white family just trying to take a vacation." Because, yeah, the one film about the Indian Ocean tsunami deemed Oscar nomination worthy would be about half-naked Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor saving the day.


Also, if you didn't get choked up and cry-sing along the first time you saw the Les Mis trailer, you might be missing your lady parts. And your human parts. (Or maybe you're just emotionally stable? That's a possibility, too.)

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I am in no way interested in Les Mis. I read the book ages ago and that's quite enough of that, thanks. Don't need people in tattered earth-toned dresses bellowing tunefully at me about how terrible pre-Revolutionary France is. What's-His-Name has threatened to jack me up all Clockwork Orange-style and make me watch it, but I have threatened to make him sit through Pretty Woman as retaliation, so we've reached a stalemate there.