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Hey, if you have an iPhone and have previously used the AirDrop feature to, say, send pictures of a rug you want to buy to your work computer, you might want to turn it off because some asshole on the subway might try to send you a picture of their penis.

It’s an apparently new and disturbing trend, reported on by the New York Post with great concern as if it weren’t something that was pretty easy to avoid. According to the Post, a woman named Britta Carlson was minding her own business on the subway when she received a message on her phone that said “iPhone 1 would like to share a note with you.” When she chose to engage with the note out of curiosity, she was greeted with “a huge close-up picture of a disgusting penis.” The file was called “Straw” and the sender was anonymous.


Of the random dick pic, Carlson said “It really felt like someone had actually just flashed me.”

The random dick pic sender had AirDropped a picture of his penis to Carlson because AirDropping is the new, cool way to harass people. It’s more craven than waving your actual penis out in public and much more subtle. Also, it’s fucking disgusting and should be absolutely be stopped.


There’s not a lot to say here, except for some gentle suggestions. Men, please do not AirDrop photos of your penis to unsuspecting strangers who are just trying to listen to a podcast and get from point A to point B without seeing some fucking unwashed genitals on their goddamn phone. Unwanted dick pics are a nightmare; please only send a photo of your penis to someone who has asked for it in kind.

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