Watch Martha Stewart Pleasantly Diss a Friend's Wedding Gown in Say Yes to the Dress

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Martha Stewart, queen of events, appears in tonight’s season 14 premiere of Say Yes to the Dress, offering subtle critique of wedding gowns in the most Martha Stewart way possible.


This episode’s bride-to-be is Stewart’s friend (by way of her publicist) Bailey, who’s having a vineyard wedding in Long Island with a cool cocktail hour in a greenhouse. “It’s gonna be elegant and romantic,” says Bailey.

Fortunately, she has access to Martha Stewart (whose book Martha Stewart Weddings was conveniently just released) as a dress consultant. In the first clip, Bailey appears super excited to have Stewart by her side. “Martha is the bridal expert. She knows what she’s doing,” says Bailey. “If Martha leads me down a path, I’m probably gonna follow it.”


Judging from the clips, Stewart seems like the type of friend who’s quick to let you know, in the kindest way, when you look ridiculous. “Martha is not shy. I’m absolutely nervous about what Martha has to say,” says Bailey.

The first dress, which Bailey previously picked out, has a corset top that Stewart finds off-putting. Her constructive feedback: “It’s gorgeous. I just think it’s a little rigid.”

In a direct-to-camera, Martha says, “Well, you have to tread lightly. You can’t say that’s a horrible dress that she’s already chosen.” Well, you just did. Watch below!


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LOL i love her and her WASP shade forever