Martha Stewart Was on Wendy Williams, Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream I Didn't Even Know I Had

Here are some of the perfect sentences Martha Stewart uttered while joining Wendy Williams on Tuesday to promote her new book Martha Stewart Weddings, one of which was, “Some of my best friends are a little overweight.”


On age:

Wendy: You’re a beautiful woman, and I find it surprising that you’re in your 70s.

Martha: You don’t have to promote that!...I don’t feel my age, I don’t look my age and I don’t want to be my age, and you should not say my age.


On what type of man she likes:

Martha: Well, tall, better than short. I don’t even care if they’re a little overweight.

Wendy: Who isn’t?

Martha: That’s right. Not fat. Not fat fat. But I don’t care. Some of my best friends are a little overweight.

Wendy: Does he have to have more money than you, because you’ve got a lot?

Martha: It would help. And the yacht helps. The big yacht, I don’t mean the little boat. I have a little boat; I want a BIG boat.

On when you should get married:

Wendy: How long should an engagement be?

Martha: Short.

See, I believe in passion. I believe in spur of the moment. Somebody that works for me came and told me she was getting married and I said, ‘When?!’ and she said 2019. [Laughs] It’s so sad.


After making guacamole and making Wendy try it:

I’ll eat mine later.

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Some of my best friends are a little overweight.