Watch Malala Yousufzai Walk Out of the Hospital

15-year-old girls' education advocate and all around inspirational superstar Malala Yousufzai, who was shot by the Taliban in October, was finally discharged from Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England, yesterday!


She "is well enough to be treated by the hospital as an outpatient for the next few weeks," the hospital said in a statement on its website. "She is still due to be readmitted in late January or early February to undergo cranial reconstructive surgery as part of her long-term recovery and in the meantime she will visit the hospital regularly to attend clinical appointments."


According to ITV, she'll stay in the UK; her dad just got a job with the Pakistan consulate in Birmingham. Stay safe, Malala!

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AndThenTheresMaude loves Stamos

It's not very articulate, but my first thought was: Suck it, Taliban!