Taliban Super Proud of Itself for Shooting 14-Year-Old Girl in the Head

The Taliban's latest target is a 14-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl.

A spokesperson for the fundamentalist movement took responsibility for shooting Malala Yousafzai, an outspoken equal education advocate and Taliban critic — she called them "barbarians" in a BBC interview last year — who is famous for her blog, "Diary of a Pakistani Schoolgirl," about being a 14-year-old girl under Taliban rule. She was shot while on the way home from school.


Sure, Malala was young, a spokesperson told Reuters, but she "was pro-West, she was speaking against Taliban and she was calling President Obama her idol." And, therefore, a worthy target.

She's in stable condition — this girl is so kickass she can apparently withstand even a bullet to the skull — but the spokesperson said the Taliban would try to shoot her again if she survived.

Pakistani activists are understandably horrified that even the Taliban would stoop this low. "Come on, brothers, be real men. Kill a school girl," journalist Nadeem Paracha tweeted. We hope Malala recovers soon. What a hero.

Pakistani Activist, 14, Is Shot by Taliban [NYT]

(Video via Pakistan's Express News.)



I really didn't think this needed to be said, not on a site such as Jezebel, but the trolls keep on coming and it's not going to get any better.

A few things need to be clarified.

Most Pakistanis are just as outraged about this as you are, if not more so. No decent human being thinks it's okay to kill a schoolgirl (or anyone, for that matter), Muslim or otherwise. Islam certainly doesn't condone this type of behavior at all. In Islamic warfare, you're not even supposed to be killing women or children.

The people who carried this out are extremists. Radical forms of Islam have gained more popularity over the past years (although, again, they are not by any means what the overwhelming majority of Muslims believe). In the past, for example, it was commonly accepted that Shariah Law should evolve and adapt to the times. Now there are very vocal groups that believe the original laws must be stringently obeyed.

I guess the question is - why? Why is this radicalization taking place? Pakistan was founded as an Islamic, but secular, country, and yet certain segments of the population are becoming more extreme and radicalized. What is going on? These are actual questions, I don't know the answers. I just feel that to give girls like Malala a chance, we need to address why this keeps happening and find ways to end this terror. Disparaging their culture (yes, when you throw around the word "savage," you're actually lumping here in there as well) is not only ignorant and offensive, but unhelpful as well.

Sorry for the rambling comment. I just have a lot of feelings.