Watch Kate McKinnon's Delightfully Unhinged Ruth Bader Ginsburg Impression on SNL

Image via screenshot
Image via screenshot

Kate McKinnon is a national treasure who must be protected at all costs. Do not sleep on her Ruth Bader Ginsburg impression, for it is wonderful and beautiful and good.


Following Ginsburg’s incendiary comments about rotten Clementine Donald Trump, McKinnon put on her jabot and strapped that wig to her head for a segment of her patented Ginsburns with Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost as they reported live from the RNC.


“Trump picked a fight with the wrong 15 lb 200 year old marionette, baby!” she crows, before launching into a floppy-armed dance. “Chris Christie on the Supreme Court? I’d rather have an empty chair than a broken one!”

Watching Kate McKinnon in anything is a joy; watching her weird and loose-limbed impression of everyone’s favorite Supreme Court justice is almost enough to make you forget just how long this nightmare of an election cycle has been.

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