Watch Jon Stewart Cry Twice in Blockbuster Daily Show Finale

On Thursday evening, Jon Stewart said goodbye to his loyal, leftie viewers.

However, the first 25 minutes of the show were filled with the vast majority of his super famous correspondents saying goodbye to him. The whole thing was scripted, so Stewart didn’t actually have to show any emotion until Stephen Colbert broke character and thanked him for nurturing him and so many of the best comedians working today. Then, Stewart cried. And it would happen several more times.

“Bullshit is everywhere,” Stewart said in the second-to-last segment in his tenure. “If you smell something, say something.”


Then, Stewart said farewell in the way every Jersey boy wishes he could: played off by Bruce Springsteen. Spoiler: He cried again.

Bye, Jon. We will miss you if only because our evenings will be so much less recappable.

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