Watch Joan Rivers Cram 30 Years of Jokes Into One Awkward Interview

Joan Rivers made her triumphant return to The Tonight Show this week and it was...awkward. She showed up late, made offensive jokes about the holocaust, Bruce Jenner and "ethnic people" and wouldn't let Jimmy Fallon talk. Even when Fallon (who is the host, Joan. He's conducting this interview!) tried to steer the conversation back to Rivers' long-time ban, she quickly changed the topic to her age and problems with vaginal lubrication (It's like she was there to audition every joke she knew and she just wasn't going to stop). Is she going to be banned again? I haven't seen this many face-in-hands groans since I gave a ten minute toast at my friend's wedding. (The toast did not include jokes about lubrication but I did say "I feel like Renee Zelwegger up here" when the DJ tried to play me off. I also recited "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman." When can I be on The Tonight Show?)

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