Watch Fake Olsens 'Lean In' in New Clip From Lifetime's Full House Film

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If you’re a fan of either Full House or Lifetime’s considerable library of excellent original films, you’re going to be really excited about the upcoming unauthorized Full House quasi-biopic, which aims to blow the lid off America’s favorite non-traditional TV family. It’s got everything: drama, intrigue, and two little Olsens saying “no way Jose” to working—unless they get more money.

The trailer, which you can watch below, features a fairly convincing John Stamos look-alike being interviewed about being on a “kids’ show” while also being asked about his relationship with Paula Abdul (no word on whether uncle Joey’s relationship with Alanis will be on the show) as well as a glimpse of the movie’s Olsen twins, played by two adorable sisters.


The movie airs on August 22nd and, if it’s as good as the Saved By The Bell story, will live on your DVR forever.

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But why didn’t they even try to make the set look like the original set? The front door isn’t even on the correct side of the living room.