Watch Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Try to Play Nice at the Al Smith Dinner

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Just one day after the nightmare that was the final presidential debate, best friends Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump sat in a room together at the Al Smith dinner and tried to pretend like they don’t hate each other’s guts.


The dinner is a fundraiser for needy children and is hosted by the Archbishop of New York City. According to the Hollywood Reporter, tradition dating back to 1960 dictates that the candidates show up and gently roast each other and themselves in their last appearance together before retiring to their separate bunkers and preparing for the election.

Historically, this has been a pleasant event for everyone involved. At Wednesday’s debate, Clinton and Trump didn’t even shake hands on stage. Clinton called him a “puppet” and in return, Trump leaned into a mic and whisper-screamed “such a nasty woman” while she was speaking. Neither candidate is particularly adept a poking fun at themselves. Donald Trump has proven to be nothing more than a pouting child in the ill-fitting suit of an adult man, prone to late-night Twitter sprees and, most recently, facing multiple sexual assault allegations from a legion of women. Hillary Clinton has proven to be the more capable of the two candidates by far, but some argue that her laser focus on winning the election has been more of a detriment than anything else.

Regardlesss, this dumb dinner is a tradition. And traditions must be honored because that’s the way this country works, I guess. On Thursday night, the candidates took turns stepping up to the mic and doing their best.

Here’s Donald Trump keeping it light (sort of) and then taking a hard left into what sounds like a watered-down version of an attack speech, only to be drowned out by boos from the crowd.

If it wasn’t clear that Trump is a humorless sack of rancid potatoes incapable of seeing the forest (reality) from the trees (himself), it certainly is now!

How’d Hillary do? Check out this sick burn.

This moment right here was also nice.


Much like the debates, Hillary clearly won. Watch their full remarks here and here to decide for yourself.

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 some argue that her laser focus on winning the election has been more of a detriment than anything else.

Straight up sexism.