Watch Britney Spears Tell Off An Idiot in the Middle Of a Live Show

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I understand if you hate Britney Spears, because she’s not for everyone. Some people don’t have two ears and a heart and I get that. But those people also generally don’t pay hundreds of dollars for a seat to one of Britney’s shows. Here’s one idiot who did and got called the fuck out for his heinous behavior.

In the middle of last night’s show (Britney has a residence at Planet Hollywood in Vegas), some dude decided that a bit of silence in between Britney’s songs would be the perfect time to comment on the pop star’s weight — which he had decided had gone up in recent times. While it’s certainly a possibility he was just trying to motivate the singer to live her best life (probably what he told his friends) it’s much more likely that he was being a complete and utter asshole to someone he had paid hundreds of dollars to see. (Seriously, those tickets are not cheap. My friend tried to get me some for my birthday and I had to settle for a trip to The Olive Garden instead.)


But you know what? You don’t mess with Britney. She apparently heard the guy’s scream (not as audible in the video) and called him a “fucking asshole” from the stage. Good for you, Britney. Don’t let these assholes dull your sparkle.

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Mark, I hate to be the one to point this out, but friends don’t take friends to Olive Garden.

That person actually hates your guts.