Watch Betty White Get Hot and Bothered Over Jason 'Khal Drogo' Momoa

Jason Momoa is still doing the publicity rounds, which means more of him talking about sex (this time with Betty White), specifically how his Game of Thrones character helped real women make their sexual experiences better.

First up: on Conan Tuesday night, Momoa somehow ended up in a conversation about Conan O'Brien's flat ass that resulted in him saying, "You know what God says: if you have a flat ass, you get a big old dick." Didn't know that God said that, but sure.


He and Conan also discussed how women have used the character of Khal Drogo to explain to their partners that they would like a "forceful" man. Is Game of Thrones sex a trend that is sweeping the nation? If you have insights, please share. I will now tag this post "khal drogo sex" and see if the traffic from Google search pours in.

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Kate Dries

Momoa also adopted a wolf.