Jason Momoa Is Not Khal Drogo: 'I'm Not Even the King of My Own House'

Jason Momoa and wife Lilakoi Moon — whom you may know as Lisa Bonet or Denise Huxtable — are both starring in (and promoting) a new show. So what is it like for them to work together?

The program is a Sundance TV series, The Red Road, about a small town clashing with its Native American neighbors.


Momoa tells Denise Martin of Vulture:

I had to make sure I was on point because I knew she'd throw me under the bus if I didn't have any backup. But I'm always excited to have her around because I really respect her opinion. If anything, it amps me up. It's like showing off in front of your girl. You want your girl to be like, "Look at my man over there. Look at him go at it. Yeah he's all emotional and shit. He's so vulnerable. I love my man."

All emotional and shit.

So yeah: Momoa, 34, makes it clear that he and Bonet, 46, do not have a relationship like Drogo and Daenerys:

Game of Thrones is the greatest thing I've ever been a part of. Drogo didn't have to say much, which is harder than you'd think, and the truth of it is I'm not even the king of my own house. My wife says to do the dishes and I'm like, "Yes, baby. I can clean up." To walk around like a king is a stretch. And I enjoy when women enjoy the sex, you know? I'm not into making them cry.


Hot. Also hot are these promotional images he shot for The Red Road. Just gonna throw 'em in here for you to pin on your shameless objectification Pinterest boards. Enjoy.


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